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Support Manifesto of The New Global Data Generation

Simplifying the Scenarios for Data Sharing and Access in e-Science

This manifesto points to three concrete and urgent problems that need to be overcome if we want to foster access and sharing of data and tools in the coming decade in Europe. Europe must find improved solutions to these problems if we want to remain competitive in a fast-moving scientific landscape where “data is becoming the currency of science”. The following actions were proposed to address the three key problem areas:

  • Improving the sustainability of research infrastructures
  • Simplifying the intellectual property rights situation
  • Overcoming the barriers to establishing a truly European distributed authentication and authorization solution

This manifesto was launched at the International Conference on Research Infrastructures (ICRI) conference in Copenhagen in March, and at the ALLEA conference in Rome in April 2012, where it received many positive reactions. It was signed originally by 12 different European initiatives, including all of the DASISH research infrastructures from the humanities and social sciences (CESSDA, CLARIN, DARIAH, ESS and SHARE), as well as EMSO, EPOS, ERF, ICOS, LifeWatch, PanData, and RAMIRI). We received the question whether this manifesto could be put online to allow others to register their support for it as well. With this webpage we want to make this possible.

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