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Executive Summary

DASISH brings together 5 ESFRI infrastructures by focusing on common activities across disciplines and infrastructures.

DASISH aims to provide solutions to common problems. Common solutions will strengthen international collaboration.

Digital research environment

DASISH focuses on data quality assurance in the production of primary data in the social sciences by

  • Developing software for Europe-wide surveys to collect and code occupation data more accurately, consistently and cost-effectively, and developing a multilanguage questionnaire creation environment
  • Giving more effective access to questionnaire metadata
  • Creating a fieldwork monitoring system for cross-national surveys to centrally manage distributed fieldwork and help optimize response rates and data quality
  • Improving metadata quality through information material and training courses

Tools and services

DASISH focuses on continuous data enrichment and research discipline specific workflows by

  • Developing models for common deposit services which could be provided to all SSH researchers
  • Defining typical workflow processing chains and test them based on existing technology
  • Creating an annotation framework for data enrichment suitable for SSH researchers
  • Establishing a tools and services portal for the joint metadata domain and set up a framework for testing, evaluating and commenting on tools and services

Common data services

DASISH focuses on digital preservation techniques, particularly access to and persistent availability of data through networks of community based solutions by

  • Promoting the use of PID services (persistent identifiers)
  • Seeking to establish a trust environment and a joint data domain based on established authentication and authorisation infrastructure principles
  • Working out policy rules, business and access models that can be taken up by a common data service layer providing long term preservation services

Legal and ethics

DASISH legal and ethics activities aim to

  • Identify legal and ethical issues, constraints and requirements for all data types occurring in the SSH domain as a result of integration and linking
  • Cope with the legal and ethical challenges imposed by new data types emerging in the social sciences
  • Look for professional long-run preservation strategies based on e-Infrastructures for data in the social sciences and humanities