Here you will find information on events arranged by the DASISH project.

  • DASISH workshop on Persistent Identifiers

    2014.12.8-9, read more

  • DASISH sessions at the 6th Annual European DDI User Conference (EDDI14)

    2014.12.2-3, read more

  • DASISH Workshop on trust and certification

    2014.10.16-17, read more

  • DASISH session at IASSIST 2014

    2014.06.04, read more

  • CASCOT Workshop

    2014.04.10-11, read more

  • DASISH AAI Strategy Meeting

    2014.03.10, read more

  • DARIAH/DASISH Workshop on a Federation for eHumanities and eSocial Science

    2013.10.17-18, read more

  • The DASISH SSH workshop in Gothenburg

    2013.10.04-05, read more

  • The DASISH workshop at IASSIST

    2013.05.28, read more

  • 1st DASISH Quantitative Workshop

    2012.12.12-13, read more

  • The DASISH Qualitative Data Workshop in Maynooth 

    2012.11.21, read more

For Dasish education and training workshops, see Education and Training