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17 March 2014

DASISH AAI Strategy Meeting

DASISH organised a Social Sciences and Humanities AAI strategy meeting on April 10 2014. Representatives of CESSDA, DARIAH, CLARIN and eduGAIN infrastructures and projects discussed collaborations on AAI between the SSH ESFRI projects. 

Discussion focusing especially on the differences between the CLARIN and the DARIAH approaches. DARIAH plans rely on a combination of a ESFRI specific homeless user store and the eduGAIN inter-federation while CLARIN manages its own CLARIN specific Service Provider Federation already for a few years now. The discussions took place in an very good and cooperative atmosphere and all partners agreed to collaborate as far as possible while for the moment maintaining their own strategies. Also  eduGAIN was encouraged to  plan providing more direct federation infrastructure services. 

A report on the meeting can be found here.

The presentations can be seen on https://www.clarin.eu/event/2014/dasish-aai-workshop