CASCOT Training Workshop – DASISH


In DASISH work package 3 a prototype multilingual software that will code national language text to an international classification has been developed. The prototype of the software, known as CASCOT[1], now exists in a multi-lingual version (CASCOT 5.0). However, development of the English and Dutch versions revealed that a ‘fine-tuning’ of the software is required.  This is achieved by using the software and its coding rules to re-code job title text that has already been coded to ISCO 08. A specialised editor has been developed for this purpose.

This Workshop was organised to demonstrate the use of the software to improve the performance of the software in different languages, and to invite the participants to continue fine-tuning the software in their national language.  

See the programme of the workshop including presentations and the participant list.

Read the report on the workshop.

[1] See for further details and exemplar.