DARIAH/DASISH Workshop on a Federation for eHumanities and eSocial Science – DASISH


DARIAH/DASISH Workshop on a Federation for eHumanities and eSocial Science

Access and Authentication Infrastructure (AAI) is a vital component of any data infrastructure, ensuring that those entitled to access data or services can, and those that are not can’t. On October 17-18 2013 a workshop took place looking at Federations for eHumanities and eSocial Sciences. It was organized by Peter Gietz from DAASI, representing DARIAH, and hosted by GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences as part of DASISH Workpackage 7 Education and Training activities.

The workshop itself was split into two parts. Day one looked at Shibboleth and SAML enabling applications as authentication systems. Day two moved on to different federated access solutions and their implications. Two ways in which the workshop stimulated knowledge in the area of AAI was to contribute to an Input Document for the workshop [http://daasi.de/no-se/DARIAH-DASISH-AAI-WS-Discussion-input-v3.pdf] and to inform the upcoming DASISH WP7 training module on AAI.

The workshop was attended by a total of 35 people over the two days, 18 for day one and 26 for day two. The audience included representatives from all five DASISH ESFRI members and others who had an interest in AAI issues. Participants included visitors from the Czech Republic, Finland, Norway and the United Kingdom.

 Slides of Day 1: Developer Workshop on Shibboleth and SAML enabling Applications

Introduction to Shibboleth and SAML

Martin Haase

DARIAH Java Service Provider

Tobias Gradl

CLARIN and Shibboleth - Integration into the LAT software stack

Willem Elbers


Slides of Day 2: Workshop on a Federation for eHumanities and eSocial Science

Introduction to the workshop

Peter Gietz

Data protection aspects of federated Identity management in the light of proposed EU privacy regulation

Ville Oksanen, EFFI/CLARIN

Attribute release, technical and contractual issues

Wolfgang Pempe, DFN

Introduction to EduGain

Brook Schofield, TERENA/EduGAIN

Requirements from EHRI

Kepa Rodriguez, SUB/EHRI

DASISH WP5 to develop the SSH FIM based infrastructure

Daan Broeder MPI for Psycholinguistics/DASISH




Dieter Van Uytvanck, MPI for Psycholinguistics/CLARIN

Options for Joining eduGAIN

Lukas Hämmerle, SWITCH/ GÉANT GN3plus

General discussion