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15 August 2013

Inter-Cluster Meeting in Hinxton in excellent atmosphere

Inter-Cluster Meeting in Hinxton in excellent atmosphere

At July 12, representatives of all European cluster projects met in Hinxton at the EBI facility to interact about possible common problems and messages based on our experiences. It was a very good meeting in an excellent atmosphere indicating again that the clusters first had to spend some time to synchronize on terminology. The fact that this meeting was not the first one facilitated this process.

The following projects participated: ENVRI for the environmental studies, CRISP for the physical sciences, BioMedBridges for the biomedical domain and DASISH for the social sciences and humanities. DASISH was represented by Daan Broeder and Peter Wittenburg.

We discovered some general aspects which we seem to share in the different cluster projects:

  •  Within the clusters and the participating infrastructure initiatives there seem to be fairly large differences with respect to the IT challenges that are addressed and the solutions and technologies that are being used. It is one of the basic challenges of the clusters to improve the general knowledge about computational possibilities and solutions that have already been found out.
  • It was also obvious that we all seem to work with moving targets, i.e. the scientific requirements, the data organizations, the center landscapes, etc. are all changing rapidly now. Therefore designing and implementing infrastructures must be an agile process where flexibility of minds and constructions are very much important to not block innovation. ENVRI suggested to use the ODP process description framework to structure our domains towards common reference models and to find a common language. The other cluster representatives were hesitant to suggest to their communities to first learn and adopt a comprehensive "specification framework" such as ODP. Insights and expertise in the communities have developed so that common languages have already been established.

The delegates then discussed along a number of dimensions what kind of topics the different clusters see as priorities to be tackled. It was not surprising that basically most of the topics mentioned were shared by all with two exceptions: in the physics domain cross-country legal and ethical issues and semantic interoperability methods are not so relevant at this moment. Aspects which have to do with managing identities (data identity, data continuum, software identity, concept identity, user identity) are in the focus by all and need to be solved at a better level. With respect to services and discovery the following aspects were mentioned and widely shared: common data standards and formats, service discovery, service market places and integrated access and discovery. With respect to data a few aspects were explicitly mentioned such as data storage facilities, privacy/security/legal&ethical aspects and handling rapidly changing and incomplete data sets in real time. It was agreed to write a joint note until September which should be presented to the clusters and initiatives for discussion and which then also should be presented to policy makers.

For more questions or comments please contact Daan Broeder or Peter Wittenburg.