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22 October 2014

DASISH workshop on Persistent Identifiers - Services and Policies

DASISH workshop on Persistent Identifiers - Services and Policies

December 8-9, 2014 – Cologne

We invite you to attend a workshop on Persistent Identifiers organized by DASISH (http://dasish.eu) on December 8-9, 2014 in Cologne.

The workshop will address differences in the functionalities and procedures of commonly-used PID systems and services in the SSH communities, with an overview of PID systems from both technical and policy aspects. These will be complemented by case studies from CESSDA, CLARIN, and DARIAH.

Emerging national PID policies and the challenges regarding the linking of data with publications will be addressed and discussed. The workshop will be complemented by a panel discussion on the challenges and possible strategies for service and data providers as we move towards interoperability and cooperation, and eventually a European PID strategy.

The objectives of the workshop are to:
• increase awareness of the different usages and possibilities of existing PID services,
• intensify the dialogue between PID service providers, data providers and researchers by creating a forum to discuss open questions, requirements and limitations of PID services from the perspective of the SSH communities, as well as possible solutions, and
• promote the exchange of information and best practices concerning PID policies within and across SSH ESFRI projects.

Please check the events section of the DASISH webpage (https://dasish.eu/dasishevents/) in the coming weeks for registration information and workshop programme.

Alexia Katsanidou
Catharina Wasner
Timo Gnadt