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DASISH Newsletter: Special Issue 2, November 2013

DASISH Newsletter: Special Issue 2, Nov. 2013

Welcome to the 2nd special issue of the DASISH newsletter, which is the first of a series to present DASISH results. In addition to reports that describe activities and results in detail, the results are also summarized in 2-page fact sheets, which contain links to the full reports.

We start with this special issue on the projects’ work in the area of long-term preservation and curation of research data in the social sciences and humanities.

Enjoy your reading

Hanne Fersøe, Editor
University of Copenhagen

DASISH work on data preservation and curation

The objectives of DASISH activities in this field are to map and discuss the state of the art with regard to available deposit offers and services within the SSH area and to develop strategies to overcome current bottlenecks and fill the gaps in this area. The ambition is also to make recommendations for best practice models of data archive services that guarantee long-term preservation of and access to research data for the communities. This includes policy rules and access models that can easily be adopted by common data services to provide or enhance long-term preservation and curation.

We have assessed existing models and frameworks for digital curation and trustworthiness of digital repositories, and – based on that – developed a “guideline of guidelines” for data archives and repositories that aspire to provide trustworthy data preservation and curation services. This “Roadmap for Preservation and Curation in the SSH” is presented in this newsletter.

Read the 2-page fact sheet summarizing the report

Or read the full report

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