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DASISH Newsletter: Special Issue 7, May 2014

DASISH Newsletter: Special Issue 7, May 2014

Welcome to the 7th special issue of the DASISH newsletter, in which we continue to present the results of the DASISH project. This series of newsletters features brief summaries of tasks of the DASISH project in the form of 2-page fact sheets.

In this edition of the newsletter we present work in the area of legal and ethics issues with a focus on paradata generated in the process of survey production.

Enjoy your reading,
Hanne Fersøe, editor
University of Copenhagen

Ethical and legal issues related to paradata

This report is the second in a series of reports in the legal and ethics area. It explores the extent to which the increasing and more structured collection, processing and re-use of different types of paradata impose ethical and legal challenges to researchers in the SSH.

Paradata are micro-level data about the process of survey production, such as listing information, keystrokes and contact data (process paradata) as well as interviewer demographics and observations (auxiliary paradata).

After showing the importance of paradata for analysing data quality in survey production (using SHARE as a case study), legal and ethical questions, such as the issue of obtaining informed consent and confidentiality issues are explored and discussed in relation to different stages of the research process.

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