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DASISH Newsletter: Special Issue 8, October 2014

DASISH Newsletter: Special Issue 8, October 2014

Welcome to the 8th special issue of the DASISH newsletter, in which we continue to present the results of the DASISH project. This series of newsletters features brief summaries of tasks of the DASISH project in the form of 2-page fact sheets.

In this edition of the newsletter we present work on metadata quality including a comparison of different metadata strategies and a metadata lifecycle model.

Enjoy your reading,
Sussi Olsen
University of Copenhagen

DASISH report about metadata quality improvement

This deliverable about metadata quality is the outcome of the work of task 5.3 of the DASISH project. The aim of this task was to analyse and compare the different metadata strategies of CLARIN, DARIAH and CESSDA, and to identify the possible mutual benefits from cross-fertilization of approaches.

To support this analysis, the context was defined in terms of metadata types and quality criteria and a structure was created which extended common lifecycle models to address metadata issues.

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