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DASISH Newsletter: Special Issue 10, November 2014

DASISH Newsletter: Special Issue 10, November 2014

Welcome to the 10th special issue of the DASISH newsletter, in which we present new results from the DASISH project. This series of newsletters features brief summaries of tasks of the DASISH project in the form of 2-page fact sheets.

In this edition of the newsletter, we present work from work package 5 on persistent identifiers and federated identity management.

DASISH Trust and PID Services Federation Report

Last month, deliverable 5.1 has become available, and it contains the reports of two tasks and two accompanying fact-sheets: one about the use of Persistent Identifiers in the SSH, and another about the availability and plans for the use of Federated Identity Management within the SSH disciplines.
Persistent Identifiers (PID) are used whenever it's needed to have stable identifiers that can be used to access resources over longer periods, and are usable even if resources are moved between centers. The report on SSH PID usage (Deliverable 5.1B) contains the results of an interesting survey about PID issues and PID services, as seen not only by SSH centers, but also by the DASISH participating infrastructures. Both the report and fact-sheet give an overview of organisations, systems and frameworks that play a role with the use of PIDs in the SSH.
Read the factsheet
Federated Identity Management (FIM) is a technique which allows users to login and access resources from other organisations using their own institutional credentials. The uptake of such technologies differs between the SSH infrastructures and centers. The second report (Deliverable 5.1A) and fact-sheet gives a detailed overview on the current state of use of FIM in the SSH and collaborations that are underway.

Read the factsheet

Read the full report

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the DASISH final conference in Gothenburg.

Enjoy your reading,
Sussi Olsen
University of Copenhagen

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